My Practice

Over the past 25 years I have represented individuals and families, working and retired folks, churches, attorneys, doctors, and plumbers. I have occasionally represented brokers – financial advisors – involved in disputes with their existing or former employers, but I have never represented a brokerage firm or investment bank.

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When I represent clients who have lost a substantial part their savings as the result of “broker malpractice” or when I represent clients whose insurance claims have been denied in “Bad Faith” I often do so on a contingent fee basis. This is my practice whether the case will be tried before an arbitration panel (as may be required by the fine print of many investment account agreements) or before a judge and jury.

Whomever I represent, I provide my clients with experienced, personal representation – I will more often than not be the person who answers your phone call. In other words, I do not have a volume practice and this is by choice.