Mediation Services

As an experienced Mediator I can help parties and their counsel reach a fair, negotiated settlement of a difficult securities case.

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In recent years I have increasingly been asked by attorneys for investors and for brokerage firms to serve as a mediator for their securities cases and I am on FINRA’s list of approved Mediators.  In this capacity my job is to help the parties and their attorneys reach a mutually agreed upon settlement of their dispute without incurring further expense.

In mediating cases I can draw on my 25 years experience as a securities litigator and a FINRA  arbitrator  to advise other attorneys and their clients of the strengths and weaknesses of their cases, their odds at prevailing at trial or arbitration and the financial and emotional benefits of reaching their own settlement.  To date, I have settled over 90% of the cases I have been asked to mediate.